Little window on the left

• Nov 20, 2008 - 19:47

Hello, congratulations for this great work!!.

I have, or i think this is a little problem. I have SVN 1300 for windows (xp). When i start the program, all works fine, but if i open a new score (demo for example), the small window on the left disappears. If you continue opening new scores, this windows isn't.


The little windows is the navigator windows. you can make it appears again by pressing F12 or Display -> navigator.
But I do agree, the behavior is weird.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. This is a very simple thing, but, i think this should be always there and shouldn't disappear. It's only my opinion.


I am impressed with the news features. Congratulations. I will publish your program in my Ubuntu Linux Blog because i think it is one of the best music program for Linux and i think soon will be better than other programs as sibelius, finale... Great Work!!!

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