Doesn't transpose correctly

• Mar 5, 2015 - 04:58

I made a piece of music in A (three sharps). When I went to transpose it to G (one sharp) it stayed with the three sharps. For some reason I had to choose the key of F to make one sharp. Has anyone come across this?
Dave Cool


What version of MuseScore?

Are you using the 'Transpose' function found in the menu item: Notes / Transpose... because simply dragging a new key signature on top of the old key signature does not change the pitches of notes that have already been entered.
If you need more help, attach your score, mentioning the exact sequence of steps you use to transpose.
You can simply attach a sample score with two A major scales entered, and then try to transpose the second scale to G major.

I'm guessing by your username that you are involved in brass band music (i.e. proper, British Brass Band music). Are you writing for a Bb instrument? If so then Concert Pitch mode can confuse the issue.

When you are looking at your score for Bb instrument with Concert Pitch mode off and you see three sharps you are actually in concert pitch G.

The Key Signature palette shows the key signatures from a concert pitch point of view. When when you drag one sharp from the Key Signature palette you aren't actually dragging a sharp but are dragging the key of concert pitch G which gets transposed to an A on the score - IF you have Concert Pitch turned off and if you have a Bb transposing instrument.

When you drag a single flat you are effectively dragging a concert pitch F onto a score for a Bb instrument and it gets transposed to G - but only VISUALLY, i.e. the pitch remains the same.

When you Transpose, MS transposes your score into the concert pitch key that you have selected - i.e. you have chosen G so you get G (with 1 sharp) but since you are viewing it with Concert Pitch mode off and for a Bb transposing instrument you see the key of A. When you transpose to F (concert pitch F) you see G when Concert Pitch is turned off.

Yes, I agree it would maybe be better if it didn't do this or if you could change its behaviour (maybe you can and I haven't found it) but you get used to it.

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