Playback problem in MP3

• Mar 7, 2015 - 16:33

I've been using Musescore regularly for a couple of years now producing SATB arrangements for our choir. I can't resolve a playback issue in MP3 format that I've never experienced before. The piece looks right, plays back fully in Windows Media Player and in Dropbox (whatever that uses), but in iTunes the playback stops abruptly after about 28 bars (its a 64 bar piece) and starts playing the next piece in the playlist. I've deleted bar 28 in Musescore and re-written them, saved them online, converted to MP3, but the same thing happens but stops on the next bar ie. bar 29. I've scrutinised for obvious errors, found none but there must be something hidden in the bar that I can't see. Any thoughts?


Attach your score here, if you want, someone will check it.
you could also try installing VLC (free) and convert it again (maybe a compression problem)

Problem solved - it's an ITunes issue. I imported and played a half completed score in ITunes. When I completed it, I just 'replaced' the existing file in the ITunes folder (it had the same file name) assuming the short cut in the ITunes player would still find it and play that - I should have deleted the old one and 'imported' the completed file. ITunes just remembered the old one and played that.

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