How to change instrument sound (e.g. pizz., con sordino) midway through score

Do you have a strings part you want to be played back as pizzicato for only a few measures? Or a trumpet part you want to sound muted for a section? You can actually get MuseScore to play it with the different sounds, just like an actual person reading the music would.

The following instructions use pizzicato strings as an example, but the same principles apply to tremolo strings or muted trumpet.

  1. Select the first note of the section you want to be pizzicato
  2. From the Add menu, choose TextStaff Text
  3. Type Pizz. At this point, the staff text is a visual reference and not applied during playback
  4. Secondary-click on the staff text and select Staff Text Properties...
  5. In the Staff Text Properties dialog, select one or more voices on the left (in the Change Channel tab)
  6. From the dropdown menu, select Pizzicato
  7. Staff text properties.png

  8. Click OK to return to the score

Every note after the staff text you added now sounds pizzicato. To return to a normal strings sound later in the piece, follow the same guidelines as above except type Arco in step 3 and select Normal in step 6.


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