Time signature change causes slurs and hairpins in following measures to disappear

• Mar 10, 2015 - 13:29

Hello folks,
I know beta versions shouldn't be relied for much too serious projects, but as a MuseScore enthusiast, I'm taking the risk...
I'm writing a piano piece and faced a particularly annoying bug:
Changing a time signature in a previous measure causes most slurs and hairpins on following measures to disappear... that's pretty annoying when your piece reached around 200 bars and you decide to make some changes in the first section. That's what happened to me... I already fixed everything in my score manually, but I'm sending an attached example here, reproducing the bug. Note that changing the 3/8 bar's time signature to 3/4 causes slurs and hairpins to disappear in next measure (imagine that happening in the next 100 bars... that's what I faced).
As I use some treble clefs with octave um and bass clefs with octave down sometimes changing a bar signature caused bizarre octave displacements in the middle of a bar... But, since I wasn't able to reproduce this situation, I'm not posting it here...
Thanks in advance!

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Just FYI, the correct way to notate a slur when you have a tie in the end is this:
slurs when tie.png

Anyway, I can't reproduce the bug with the latest Beta pre-release.

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