Two similar half-sheets from one sheet

• Mar 22, 2015 - 02:44

I have made a score consisting of (no top stuff, like titles)
a treble clef with 2 measures per line and one lyric of (large)
print all of which occupies less than half a page.
How can I copy all of that to the bottom half of the page so
I can cut the sheet into two pieces after a .pdf print with
approximately the same look on each half-sheet?

Alternatively, how can I make a slightly wider space between
two of the lines and remove the little measure identifying
counts at the left beginning of the lines, thus making two half
sheets after I make more lines on the page?


Adding an invisible lyric line to what is called "Alternatively" leaves only one question:
How can I remove the measure count numbers at the left.

For MuseScore 2.0:

1. Select, then copy/paste the first half page section into a blank measure in the second half of the page. If you need to force two measures per line, go to menu item: Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line Breaks, and then set 'Break lines every x measures' to x=2 (or you can manually add each line break from the Breaks & Spacers palette).

2. If needed, add a time signature to the (brand new) second half.

3. To move the two halves away from each other in order to cut the sheet into two pieces, use a staff spacer OR use a vertical frame . See:
for staff spacer, OR
for vertical frame

4. To keep the measure numbers:
If you use a section break at the end of the first half, it will reset the measure number to 1. See:

5. To delete the measure numbers:
Go to menu item: Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers and untick 'Measure Numbers'.


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