Deactivation of internal synth in Musescore 1.3

• Mar 29, 2015 - 19:46

I am trying to use.sf2 with Linux Sampler (I am actually using Qsynth as a front end), and I have followed these instructions : (I am using KXStudio)..

As you well know, Pulse Audio JACK Sink is non-existent in KXStudio.

I have tried many times to de-activate the internal synth but every time I restart it automatically connects up again. I want to use only the JACK Midi Output so I can use the SF2 or SFZ files I want for composing and playback.

It seems like there must be a way to deactivate the internal synth restart without it as you lay it out in the link I wrote above. Is it an issue with KXStudio ???




AFAIK simply selecting JACK as the interface in MuseScore from the Edit Preferences window should be enough to be able to exlcude the internal synth, and once you have set up the connections in JACK

However, you do need to save the JACK connections dialogue so it doesn't default to the internal synth.

Also I think you need to start MuseScore last in the sequence so you would do things in this order

1 Start QJackctrl
2 Start KXStudio
3 Start MuseScore


PS I have been successfully using Linuxsampler with MuseScore via Jack and LiveProfessor in Windows together with other VSTs. I do have an Ubuntu Studio virtual machine running though which I sometimes use for stuff I can't do with Windows.

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Seems to be working now as the previous thread indicated where the link was. A restart seemed necessary strangely enough :)

Obviously as I'm usin KXStudio as a distribution, it's a bit different because the wiring is done under Claudia (patchage).

I think I can actually do it in any order as I am running with KXstudio as a the distro.

Thanks for your comments :)


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Yes I am familiar with Claudia.

Catia is part of my Windows JACK setup which I use with VB-Audio Asio Bridge to connect audio apps without JACK support, and cannot use the JACK ASIO router.

I have always found that the order in which you start things along the MIDI/audio chain is quite important, but then I started soon after the launch of MIDI, around 1985 using synths like the Yamaha DX27. Connecting things in the wrong order would very often lead to complete silence -and if the synth crashed (which wasn't unknown) you had to turn everything off and start again :)

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