Bulk editing tools

• May 6, 2010 - 08:48

When I copy a section of say, 24 bars, the only things that get transferred are the notes and articulations. Dynamic markings are not copied, nor are crescendo/decrescendos, or tremolo markings. (Maybe have some sort of arbitrary threshold, like 6 bars, after which general marks get copied; if I'm copying 24 bars, it's likely I want them to be almost identical, and want to have everything copied)

Also, I should be able to apply accents (horizontally) across a whole section, or if I'm editing an orchestral score, apply dynamics, fermatas, repeat bars, (vertically) across several instruments.

It seems that anything that involves drag 'n drop from the palette is intrinsically limited to one note-editing at a time, which is very slow.


I agree that at the very least articulations should copy & paste.

You can add accents, articulations, etc. on multiple notes by clicking the first note, then control-click on the next note you want the symbol on, then the next, until you have the notes selected, then double click the symbol on the palate. It will add that symbol to all the notes you have selected. Using the control-click method, the notes don't have to be beside one another. Same thing with dynamics. Control-click the notes you want the dynamics to be under, and double-click the dynamic on the palate. MUCH faster than dragging and dropping one note at a time.

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