Can't delete trailing corrupted measures

• Apr 22, 2015 - 16:26

My musescore file is corrupted. I'm trying to delete the empty trailing measures... 215 onwards. But if I select any of them I get a crash.

Here's the message I'm getting:

Measure 215 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 0/1

same with all measures after 215

I've attached the file. Hope someone can help. Thanks.


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Fairy WaltzBest.mscz 73.58 KB


Click on the last stable measure (the one with the glissando) and insert a couple of new measures (i.e. before that measure).
Re-enter the glissando in the first new, empty measure.
Append a measure with [Ctrl]-b.
Click on the (new) last empty measure.
[Shift]-click on the empty measure immediately after the glissando that you re-entered and .

This works in ubuntu 14.04, MS 2.0.1, build e96036e and may or may not work for you. Incidentally I thought the slurs were in the wrong place and have corrected this but apologies if I was wrong. Cracking tune, by the way.

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Fairy Waltz 2.mscz 70.05 KB

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