Some problems in the Recorder instrument

• Apr 23, 2015 - 17:06

I have noticed some problems in audio recorder instrument, mainly related to the pitch and the absence of some notes. For example, the ré5, bass note "ré" of the soprano recorder, is out of tune, and many outhers too.

After the note Dó7 there is not more audio, and these notes are in sopranino.


You are using the latest version of the FluidR3Mono soundfont?
The recorder range problem was fixed in version 2.105 way back in March.

Notes now go all the way up to MIDI note 127, although the sound quality of the top octave is pretty ropey, but then you are getting more into the range bats use anyway :)

The latest version is available form the Soundfont Forum.......

Make sure you scroll right to the bottom to get the right link.

It will be merged with the first incremental update of MuseScore 2 which is imminent.

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