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• Apr 25, 2015 - 16:01

Please look at the attached file, measure no 52 and following. At least at the beginning of measure 53 the played tempo is not correct.
I guess, the time signature causes the problem?

When I set the tempo to 228 (three times the correct 76 bpm), the tempo seems to be played about correctly.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Ernst

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Fauré Requiem - 06 Liebera me.mscz 36.53 KB


Ernst, I checked the printed score (first edition), and the tempo for that section is given as dotted half = 72. Your tempo is expressed as quarter = 76, which explains why it's only about a third as fast as it should be. Also, the new tempo in the score starts right at m. 53, not at m. 52 where you have it.

You can get a tempo expressed in terms of a dotted half by dragging the correct value from the Tempo palette.

(By the way, I notice your file is called "06 Liebera Me". In case it makes a difference, the correct Latin spelling of the first word is "Libera".)

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The problem arose from a MusicXML-Export from Finale 2012, where I had a mixture of tempo indicator by the articulation-tool and a correct midi-tempo-indicator in the background at measure 53, leading to correctly playing in finale.

Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake - it MAKES a difference ;-).

The new tempo indication will stay at measure 52, according to the wish of our conductor ...


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