Please can someone generously help me out with this

• Apr 29, 2015 - 16:02

The song:

Here's the problem

I'm learning piano and have been for quite a few months and I'm getting the hang of it, however I do not know how to write sheet music and I've been really keen on getting a copy of this song to a Midi file or sheet music its self, you see the video does come with sheet music but it's incorrect after comparing it to the video, making notes clash on both hands.

I'm basically asking for someone to look over the video and copy the seen notes to sheet music as I'm unable to and then either upload or send me the file, I understand that this sounds selfish but it's literally the best, nicest song I've come across and it's definitely a must play for me, if I could write music out I'd so it of course, however I cannot, so I must rely on someone's kindness.

Please copy the exact song to sheet music and send it to me at - I'll be eternally grateful.


Adam, that's quite a request, but it may not be necessary. I looked at the sheet music that's up at the web site and it looks correct to me. Can you point to specific measure where you think the notes in the score are wrong?

Maybe you're not looking at the right score. It's the third score listed under the name "CLANNAD" on the Scores page.

(edit: since this is not really a discussion about MuseScore, perhaps it's best to take the conversation private. I'll send you email.)

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Right towards the very beginning when the left hand is first introduced, on my midi file of it the left hand C note collides with the C note of the right hand where as they are meant to be separate an entire octave apart and then it continues like this with random notes colliding, showing the left hand and right hand playing the exact same note at the exact same time, which clearly isn't right.

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