Annoying partial tones in piano

• Apr 30, 2015 - 20:03

I have MS 2.0 and FluidR3Mono_GM.
I had this sequence in a score and I tried to find the wrong note in the score among lots of instruments. Finally I found out that it was in the piano sound. The left hand D note creates an annoying partial tone (third partial or A). On the beat it sounds like Dm7, but the chord should be Dm7-5, as the notes show. This could be an unfortunate sum of lots of things, like my sound card and my head phones and you might not hear what I hear. I exported it to a wav and the partial tone is there, too.
Of course, this happens sometimes with real world instruments, too.


I suggest you download the SF2 version and try the Mellow Yamaha piano to be found in Bank 8, and see if that cures your problem.

Induced or sympathetic tones like these can be highly annoying - I remember one which drove me mad for months at church when I played a particular note on the organ.

It turned out to be a loose screw in one of the candlesticks on the altar :)

YOu can download the latest version here.....

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Guess what. The Yamaha Mellow Grand really fixed the problem! It's a nice sounding piano. Although I might replace it with a real piano soundtrack. I'm working on a demo recording of a tango and some instrument tracks will be rendered with MuseScore and some with real world instruments that I play myself.


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