How can I get my triplets back?

• May 4, 2015 - 23:44

Look at measure 9 in the example attached, notes 3-5 sung on the word "there." I wrote this as a triplet, and I'm sure it was originally marked as a triplet, but somewhere the -3- has fallen out, I don't know why. The measure property still shows the measure as regular 3/4, even though there are ostensibly more beats in the measure now. Playback still makes it sound like a triplet.

Is there an easy way I can put the -3- back? Control 3 gives me blank notes I have to fill in. The problem is that there are a lot more of these now unmarked triplets in the score, and it will be tedious if I have to redo them all. All I need is the -3- back.

I don't know if the -3- dropped out because of a bug, but it seems like a bug to end up with a 3/4 measure that looks like it has an extra beat in it.

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Select one of the notes in a triplet. Press F8 to bring up the Inspector. Scroll down and select Tuplet and set the Number type to "Number".

Right-click on the (new) tuplet number > Select > All Similar Elements and set the Number type to "Number".

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