More options in drumset editor

• May 28, 2010 - 00:29

It would helpful to have a little more options in drumset editing.
These are the two most important for me:

1. More options of notehead types to chose from. The greatest solution could be an option to chose also symbols from other fonts than MS's built in but I don't know if it is possible...

2. A possibility to define different notehead shapes for each note lenght (e.g. one notehead type for crotchets and other for minims of one particular pitch). Something that can be found in Finale for example.

Altough I need such feauters for non-stnadard purposes (alternative notation), I believe it may come in handy for many other users who may need to customize drum notation too.
Thanks for any suggestion!


It would be great if users could create additional custom note head types/shapes, perhaps by importing an image file for a particular note head symbol, or by using symbols from fonts besides MuseScore's default font.

It would also be great if users could assign different note heads for different note durations, for example, one note head shape for "solid" notes (crotchets or smaller duration) and one for "hollow" notes (minims or larger), for a particular pitch.

This would provide better support for various kinds of shape note notation, and other historical or alternative notation systems.

Thanks for considering these.

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