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• May 11, 2015 - 23:07

Just started using ver2 - very impressive. I am using Windows 7 on a Samsung laptop. I do have an internet connection.

The ABC import plug-in window has no content however. I'm sure I did successfully import a couple of abc files, but now the ABC import plug-in window is blank. I have tried removing it from the available plug-ins and then reinstating it, but to no avail.

How can I fix this.... thanks


Can you share a screenshot ?
If you mean that the dialog in MuseScore is blank, it could be due to a corruption of your install. Try to install MuseScore 2.0.1 again.

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Re-installed 2.0.1 (restarting computer in between removing previous and re-installing), however ABC import still blank, screenshot here. MuseScoreABC.PNG - not much to see though!

The new install has exactly the same settings as I had previously, so presumably they were not removed by the un-install and have been inherited by the newly istalled version - would that affect the behaviour of the plug-in?

Can I get a copy of the plug-in from somewhere and place it manually in the correct folder?

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I am using Windows7 and have discovered the abc2xml web page, so this is not a huge problem, just a bit frustrating,.

I will try placing the plug-in manually, see if that fixes it. Do I delete the embedded plug-in or will the program use the one in the Doc/Musescore2/Plugins folder automatically? Or maybe the plug-ins manager will give me a choice, but they will both have the same name!

Thanks for replies so far.....

I've just upgrade to ver 2 and I've got the same problem with the ABC Import Plugin - ie when you run it you simply get a blank screen exactly like the screen shot above. I'm running Vista OS. This worked perfectly on previous version of Musescore. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing as well as copying the latest ABC import files for your website and overwriting the ones in my Plugins folder - makes no difefrence - does not wirk. Yes I can work around it but i was so much straight-forward in previous version. Any clues?

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