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• Jun 10, 2010 - 09:03


I'm using MuseScore for some time now and I'm looking to do something back for the community. I have no idea about programming, but I think I can contribute in improving the Dutch translation. Can someone tell me how to start?


Dag toeter,

While http://translate.musescore.org is currently open to everyone, you have permissions now to translate everything on musescore.org as well. This includes the menu pages, handbook and subtitles of the screencasts. You can see the status of the translation via the menu -> translator assignments -> dutch

Voor interne communicatie rond vertalen naar Nederlands, post je opmerkingen en vragen in het Nederlandstalige forum: http://musescore.org/nl/forum/39

Welcome on board!

Kan ik met Musescore noten omzetten naar grepenschrift voor de steirische harmonica??
Groetjes Leon

I would like to contribute to improving the Dutch translation of the website and handbook of MuseScore. Could someone help me to get started?

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Hi Nynke,

Your account has now permissions to contribute to the Dutch translation. You find out how it works via the 'Instructions' link int the Translate block which you can find in the right sidebar.

When you will check the 'Website content' link, you will see that the Dutch translation is quite outdated. So each handbook page will need to be compared against the English version. Once you've done a page, you can uncheck the outdated translation status of that page.

Feel free to come back to me if you have questions.

Welcome on board!

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