More than one key signature in one bar.

• Dec 6, 2008 - 10:57

Hi Guys,

At the moment it seems impossible to insert (or change) the key signature in the middle of a measure.
Is it possible?
Is it possible in MusicXML at all?



As far as I know it's not possible in musescore so far. But in my experience when you change the key signature you put a double bar even if the mesure is not terminated. So I guess you can create 2 shorter measures to handle this in musescore. Attached an example.
If the bar line disturb you, you can even make it invisible (right click on it)
I tried it with sibelius. You can put a new key signature but it put a double barline.

Regarding musicXML, as far as I know key signature is a measure attribute. Exporting the score I made in sibelius to musicXML, and imported it again shows that it's not well supported by the exporter. But if you do the trick I made with musescore, the import/export should work because there are two measures ;). but I'm not sure for the invisibility.

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