Playback - Repeat Tags within a Section only

• Jun 6, 2015 - 17:19

My score has sections - with section-breaks to divide them.
- this is an excelent new Musescore solution !

Now I have a question to the playback with repeats:

Can I use repeat functions within a section only?
--> D.C. al Coda or D.S. al Coda
Jump to tag
Play up to tag
Continue at tag

At the moment there is no problem with usual repeats within a section
-> I: ------ :I and with the voltas

all Da Capo, Segno and Coda tags work always for the whole score
and not within a section only as they should.

Maybe the jumps are dependent from the tag's name (Coda, Codab . . . )
which are in use for the whole score.

As an mprovement - a jump could better be addressed
-> to a internal continouos bar number that runs over all sections
-> as shown in the play panel.

(Finale goes that way, I think)


Via Inspector (F8) you can change the labels of your Codas and DC's so you can jump to different ones. On your score you should also indicate (via System Text) whether you mean jump to the beginning of this section or the beginning of the whole piece so that performers do not get confused.

All jump labels re-defined in inspector work as intendent now.

Thank you, underquark for your fast response.
I am truly impressed again - of Musescore and the forum.

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