I found typing error or bug..

• Jun 6, 2015 - 17:22

Hi, I'm musescore user in korea.

when I type korean, this program have some error..
( I'm not good at explain in english.I'm not sure you can understand what I try to say...)

it is little bit different how to write words between English and Korean.

English words are composed of only 2 parts, consonant and vowel

but, Korean words not only are composed of 2 parts and have 3 form(or rule).

how to make one word (I want to explain further this part to understand error)

1st form : consonant + vowel ex) 가, 나, 다, 라, 마, 바, 사..
2nd form : consonant + vowel + vowel ex) 각, 난, 닫, 랄, 맘, 밥, 사... and 었, 랬,
3rd form : consonant + vowel + vowel + vowel ex) 닮, 앎, 삶, 값, ....

the problem happen in 2nd form (only some word need to press "Shift" key, )

to make you comprehend, let me give you example

comparing 엇 and 었

엇 is composed of ㅇ + ㅓ + ㅅ (if you use qwerty key broad, d + j + t)

었 is composed of ㅇ + ㅓ + ㅆ (if you use qwerty key broad, d + j + [Shift+t])

to sum up, pressing shift button occurs to this error!

I attached 2 pictures.

Attachment Size
error.png 489.6 KB
error 2.png 221.17 KB


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