ability to change note properties for all selected notes and to remove all edits from set of notes

• Jul 26, 2010 - 22:42

I would like to be able to select a lot of notes and change the pitch or velocity or location or stems etc. of all of them at once.

It might also be nice to be able to select a bunch of notes and remove various edits. Noteheads back to default placement, maybe option for undoing an timing/velocity/pitch changes. This could be done one-at-time by simply deleting the notes with new ones, but that would be tedious for a bunch of notes.


You can select several notes by clicking on the first one and use Shift + right arrow to select more. Or use Shift + Drag and drop to select several notes. Then press X to change the stem direction. Press up or down arrow to changethe pitch.
To change velocity of several notes, you can use a dynamic.

If you changed the default placement of noteheads with double click and arrows, you can select the notes and press Ctrl + R to reset them to the default location.

However, I agree that there is a need to unify the work on a selection of notes, and how to change the properties of a group of notes.

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First, it doesn't change stem direction for notes that are beamed together and selected as part of a group. That needs to be fixed.

Thanks about the Ctrl+R notice. On mac it is command+R. That worked.

The properties I was actually most interest in regarding this request are the MIDI properties that are accessed by right-clicking on notes. I want to be able to select multiple notes and change all their durations, velocities, pitch etc. with the right-click function and be able to select a bunch of notes and revert-to-default on those parameters.

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