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• 7 years ago

Consider the two attached files. They Musescore file was created with Musescore 9.6 with the Mixer set to flute; the MIDI file was generated by Musescore from the musescore file. When I play the Musescore file in Musescore, the flute sounds fine. When I import the MIDI file back into Musescore and play it, the flute also sounds fine, though perhaps a little muted. But when I play the MIDI file in Windows Media Player, the flute sounds terrible, not like a flute at all. When a convert the MIDI file to MP3 using a commercially available file converter, it sounds like it does in WIndows Media Player.

This is a serious problem, since I want to produce MP3 files where the flute sounds like it does in Musescore. Does anyone have any idea why the MIDI file sounds different outside of Musescore, and if there is any way to create ,scz->MIDI->MP3 that will all sound like the Musescore flute?

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Incidentally, I'm finding the same problem with certain other instruments, which sound fine when played in Musescore but horrible in Windows Media Player.

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Look like a problem in Windows Media Player no ? :)
More seriously, in MuseScore, you can save in Wave (File -> Save as->Filetype : Wave) and then use an WAV to MP3 converter (such as "lame") to get an MP3. You can also save directly as Ogg from File->Save as. Ogg is the open source counterpart of MP3.

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