batch load/import files into Songbook Android?

• Jun 28, 2015 - 04:46

Is there a way I can get a lot of files into Songbook on Android, without emailing them all to myself?
Ideally, I'd like to create a directory on the tablet, copy a bunch of mscz files in there, then batch import the whole directory.



You cannot batch import them yet but you don't need to email them to you either. You can put them on your device (via USB, dropbox or whatever) and use a file explorer to open them on songbook. The files will be added to the songbook screen of the app every time you open one.

OK thanks very much lasconic, that certainly helps + speeds it up.
Great app- big thanks to all those putting time into it. I wish I knew enuf code to help.

Opening MuseScore files from a file manager (I'm using TotalCommander) as described here works fine for me. But I found two issues:
1.) Every time I open a file from the file manager, a new entry in Songbook's song list is created. So I end up with multiple entries in the song list for the same song that I have to delete manually. How can I prevent this? or is it a bug?
2.) When I update a MuseScore file on my tablet by overwriting it with a changed one, the changes are not visible in Songbook. Filename, path and song title are unchanged, just the score has received some corections. The only workaround that I found so far is deleting the song from the list and reopening it once again with the file manager. Is there a better way to do that? Is there a way to update several songs in one step, maybe all songs or all songs within a certain directory?

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Bump - I'm moving to a new tablet. Checking back in after a while to see if there's any update on this subject. Any better way to import 300+ songs, other than tap each one individually, in a file browser on the new tablet?
Thanks for a great app.

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Hi chrisss, unfortunately we haven't been able to make advancements yet with batch import. Last year, all our main development efforts went into MuseScore 3 and the upgrade of the MuseScore website. Obviously we did issue bug fix releases for the mobile app but no serious advancements. That said, this year the development of the mobile app will be pushed forward again with better file management and offline capabilities. We have to ask patience though since the release of MuseScore 2.1 and upgrade of are coming up next.

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Thomas thanks much for the update. And a HUGE thank you to you + all the capable + talented peeps investing time in all the aspects of MuseScore. It is a terrific tool.

In an hour or so I completed the job of importing the mscz's on the new tablet. A modest investment on my part to allow those more capable to stay focused on the organized work plan.

While I'm writing and FWIW, one guy's "use case" of Songbook: With the addition of a one-field tag + filter function -- similar to "collections" in MobileSheets -- Songbook would become my primary sheet music app on the tablet. That would save a ton of time manipulating PDF's, in addition to mscz's. That's FWIW, one input to the dev roadmap.

Keep up the good work + looking forward to the next steps.

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