A Couple (Bloated) Suggestions

• Dec 19, 2008 - 01:46

Is it too soon to be looking forward to an icon set for Windows? Because it looks a little basic to me... The splash screen is much improved in 0.9.4 but the rest of the GUI doesn't look as new as it, perhaps some more color and detail on the buttons?

And my mom has been using Finale Notepad for the past six or seven years and I'm trying to get her to move to MuseScore, since it's the only really good free thing left that I know of. Can there be an option to make it more like Finale when entering notes with the mouse? Specifically I'm thinking about when entering a note, it slides to the left of the measure and not just putting rests around the note. That makes it harder for her because there is no eraser tool and she never uses the keyboard, though I do. So when the note gets typed in and it ends up on the wrong line or space, you cannot drag it up or down with the mouse, you either have to get out of note-entering mode or use keyboard arrows. Her hand never leaves the mouse, and telling her to change mode all the time... she'll just get stumped every time. Wow this sounds lame doesn't it...


It is not official yet, but MuseScore will get some serious rebranding work in 2009 which also includes the icons. The community will be involved in this rebranding. More info later.

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