no key nor armature on the systems other than the first

• Jan 1, 2009 - 18:29

I created a score, and there is no key nor armature on the systems, other than the first one.
I compared properties of some elements between my score and the model one, I read manual, and forum....and was not able to find how to tell Musescore that I want key and armature for each system.....

thanks to the one who knows.....


..;..but modifying the msc file with texte editor, putting 1 instead of 0 in the following two lines
genClef>1 genClef
genKeysig>1 genKeysig

I guess there is some more wysywig way to get it!

the problem arose from the fact I created the score from "leadsheet model", if your create from "violin", you have not the problem.....
I was not able to create from scratch because the list of insgtruments does not appear in the wizard....

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In french UI it is in : Style -> Editer le Style - > Page -> Créer la clé pour tous les systèmes (pareil pour l'armature).
For the instruments list, it's weird. Maybe uninstall and install again can solve this ? The instrument.xml file might be missing or corrupted ?

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