Making Slowed-down Video Guitar Tutorials

• Aug 6, 2015 - 08:13

I have recently transcribed a fragment of this guitar solo piece

This is my transcription of this solo free Jazz style

The entire piece can be found here:

and I intend to provide a videoscores with slowed-down videos that include the original audio of the guitar panned to the left and the Mp3 of the Musescore version panned to the right, but I am having trouble with syncronising audio and video ( using the online video editor Wevideo)

This is what I have done so far:

My cumbersome Method

I created the slowed down video which was done creating a silent screen video capture with studio cam portable,

1) I played the YouTube video at half-speed, while capturing the screen image only as studio Cam would not pick up sound from my speakers only from the microphone ( I might use a mini Jack to mini Jack cable connected from the headphones output to the microphone input next time ;) and then

2) I recorded the sound with a portable version of goldwave sound editor and mixed and syncronized the original audio of the guitar with the Mp3 from Musescore and panned them left and right respectively using Audacity and

3) uploaded the Video to (over 800 MB of silent .avi video :-S and tried unsuccessfully to add and synchronize the audio I created to the video using Wevideo online editor - I can only use portable software or online tools as this is not my computer.:'(

Does anyone know a smoother more efficient way of doing this) any portable software for Windows 7 ( or some software I could make portable with cameyo)?Thank you for your help.

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