unable to change keys manually in one part

• Sep 30, 2010 - 16:26

I have a band score with many parts. I needed to manually change a key in my 1st trombone part, but I cannot do it. I have successfully changed keys in other parts, I fear their is a hidden problem in this part, also, because it will not create the part (MuseScore crashes- every time.). I have attached the score. Thanks!

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Which version of MuseScore do you use ? And on which OS ?
I manage to change the keysig with MuseScore on windows. The part creation does crash if I don't change the keysig and apparently it's due to the fact that MuseScore think the keysig is a custom one. Can you remember what you did?
Find attached a version with the keysig changed to 3 flats. You will need to read proof the whole staff to remove naturals.

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Powerhouse_1 (1).mscz 49.78 KB

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