i18n related issues

• Jan 16, 2009 - 20:11


Here is a list of i18n issues present in current SVN trunk (revision 1439):

1. "Instruments List" in mscore/instrdialog.cpp:161 isn't marked for translation
2. Messages like "Treble Clef (G Clef)" from "Clef" column in the same dialog doesn't seem to be translatable as well.
3. "Bar 1 Beat 1.000" in statusbar is not available for translation
4. Only English and Russian locales load for me (Ubuntu 8.10)
5. Any (not language related) change in General tab of Preferences dialog makes MuseScore run in English the next time I run it. It dorsn't even remember the "ru Russian" choice, it just always shows "System default".
6. Actions in hotkeys editor tab are displayed in "?????" instead of cyrillic letters.


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