How to delete/remove a chord?

• Oct 23, 2010 - 09:49

Is there a simple way of deleting a chord? I am trying to write a simple plugin that joins all repeated notes (so that I can enter longer notes in a melodic line by simple repetition).



The plugin framework does not allow to remove a chord. Just like via the UI. You could try to change the ticklen on the the first chord object.

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Changing the ticklen does not allow you to get rid of the second note.

Actually, one can *sort* of do this by adding a chord of the appropriate length. If you have two quarter note chords and add() a half note chord at the position of the first one, then the second one seems to be deleted.

However, this fails across measure lines, and if the duration requires a tie. It also seems to generally muck things up. Would it be hard to make the "add()" function do exactly what the UI does when you insert a note? (I.e. replace everything it overlaps, break up and insert ties as required, etc.) That would be quite useful and would allow me to complete my plugin. (also, a prev() method for the cursor would be very useful...)

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