Incorrect display of tied note pitch change

• Nov 13, 2010 - 13:44

Hi, using version rev 3507 on OSX 10.5.8 (iMac 24")

How to reproduce the error:
- open a new score, whatever instrument.
- select quarter notes input and click on the score to insert (e.g. a C)
- click the "tie" button, and a new tied note appear
- drag the first note, and also the second one is moved on the score
- click on the first note, you hear th enew pitch
- click on the second note and you still hear the old unchanged pitch

I'd expect one of the following:
1) The second note (the tied one) changes the pitch accordingly on what displayed on screen, or
2) only the first note symbol is shifted by dragging it

actually any of these could be useful... so I'd wonder if this could also be a configurable behaviour parameter, somewhere in the config windows... or selectable by clicking or shift-clicking the dragged note...

...can you confirm this is a bug?
should I open a ticket on the bug tracker or is it enough my message on this forum?



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