Problem with Greek characters!

• Dec 24, 2010 - 00:26

Hello Forum!
I have a problem when I want to write Greek.
What I mean is that I can not type the letters with tones! for example
Μουσική :Right
Μουσικη :Wrong
As you can see the last letter has something on the top! When I try to write this it is not working! It writes nothing!
I use Ubuntu 10.10 and musescore

King Regards!


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I can do it if I copy and paste it! But only like that! I want to be able to edit it in the program! If i help you can put the greek alphabet to your keyboard and if you want a character with tone just press the button next to "L" on the right and afet that the letter you want! It works only with vowels!
In greek alphabet:
greek ---> on usa keyb. --->
α a
ε e
η h
ι i
ο o
υ y
ω v

Thank u for your quick reply!

Was trying to add Swedish language lyrics, and got this pop-up error message when trying to add the character "å" from the Mac character viewer window.

"unknown drop format: formats 0:

Mac OS 10.6.6

However, after reading the reply to the Greek language problem, I worked out I use the keyboard shortcut, or copy&paste the character in, but not the character viewer tool for accented characters that non-native language users would refer to if they didn't know the keyboard shortcuts for unusual characters from other languages.

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