Congratulations, Lilypond relationship, getting ideas for gui

• Feb 1, 2009 - 17:00


Thank you for this great piece of software. It's steadily getting better.

What I like especially is the fantastic visual output.
I think it is the only software that does e.g. shorten ledger lines if having accidentals as Lilypond does.
Comparing Lilypond output with Musescore's I find very little differences. So although I really like the fact that you can export to Lilypond I'm very happy saying there's no need to regarding the visual appearance.
So how it comes that they are so similar?


PS: It's a pitty though that for work I would also have to have Tabs and Guitar Diagrams. Hopefully...
PPS: It would be worth looking into another Notation software called Primus. (// )
They have good ideas regarding the gui (even better than Sibelius) so e.g. you can choose different barlines only by right clicking on the existing one. Same with key or time signatures.


MuseScore and Lilypond look similar because they both use the same feta font. Also the MuseScore typesetting follows a lot of the same principles of Lilypond.

Hi There!

I feel a little guilty about adding this post because I don't contribute half enough to the project as I know i ought to, but I saw that MuseScore has a Lilypond import/export function. Unfortunately, it seems to be a bit buggy. This feature, however, is of VITAL IMPORTANCE because of Lilypond's immense power in creating scores and sheet music. Lilypond is a great tool, although it has a couple of bugs that also need to be addressed. If I could export freely between Lilypond and MuseScore, I would then finally say your product is perfect, or at least close to.

If there are any questions, or you would like me to back up my request with contributions to MuseScore, let me know!

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