Lyrics copy/paste

• Feb 3, 2009 - 13:28

When preparing choir music sheets it would be convenient to have the possibility to copy:/paste lyrics.
This could happen if lyrics were typed in a windows, with conventions for syllab separation and so on, to be applied to the notes, as it exists in some commercial softwares.


Hi Robert,

Normally this is possible already, but with a little trick. Just copy your text to the clipboard, go to your first note, CTRL-L and press CTRL-V. The cursor will automatically move to the next note so hit CTRL-V again which pastes in the second word. Continue like this.

There is however, according to my knowledge, still a missing link: if a word just got pasted in and you want to split it, you can't. I tried SHIFT-Space, CTRL-space, ect but it didn't work out. Perhaps there is a short I am missing.

Anyhow, if you happen to have the syllables already, simply convert the - for a space, copy the text and paste it into musescore. That should do it for you.

If you think MuseScore can still be enhanced, make a proposal for an extra function with a convenient short cut.

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It works, as described by Thomas

This way to paste the syllables works well, and it is easy enough to insert the needed prolongation lines. However one have to run over the text once again just to insert the unions.

How pleasant it would be if the use of some conventional character at the end of a syllab, such as + or = (followed by a space) would induce the introduction of an union

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Pressing CTRL-V continuously doesn’t work in any more.
This is quite an important feature for me, as I don’t want to enter the lyrics for every voice separately. I normally write the lyrics for the soprano just once in MS-Notepad, copy them for alto, tenor, bass and make the alterations for each voice. I then copy and paste the lyrics via CTRL-V into musescore which worked fine in 0.9.5 and was a fast way of putting a lot of lyrics into musescore, but unfortunately in you only can press CTRL-V once and it places the first syllable, pressing CTRL-V a second time doesn’t place the second syllable as used to any more, in fact it doesn’t do anything.

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