• Nov 28, 2015 - 09:11

I can't find a tool for creating a textbox. Just a textbox. Not attached to one stave at one bar. Or to the system at one bar. Or rehearsal mark. Just a textbox. It could be attached to the page, say page #1, if it has to be attached somewhere.

I mainly need it for writing the lyrics to verse 2 and 3 of songs. But also for temporary notes to myself. Sometimes for pupils. Usually I can use stave text and drag it to where I want it, but it still is kind of the wrong tool.


Say that I attach the textbox to the last bar. Then, while editing the score, I might do changes to the last bar. This might delete the textbox with the verses which have nothing to do with the last bar editing. The textbox just happened to be attached to the last bar.

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