API feature request (?) for a humanize playback plugin (in progress)

• Dec 16, 2015 - 03:56

Hello dear developers,

First, i would like to thank the MuseScore team for this nice and accessible free music composition software. I use it quite often to compose tiny music for my pleasure. I am interested in the MIDI rendering of MuseScore.

I made a Qml plugin that tries to humanize playback of a selection.
Currently, as a starting point, it only slightly randomizes the veloOffset of each notes. This is a humble starting point so... The plugin is not yet public, but i can put a code snapshot somewhere if needed.

My main problem is that i would like to modify slightly the start/end time of each note of a chord, but i do not see this property yet in the notes. I would also modify the staff playback BPM by a few to modify the agogic. Is it possible already with the plugin Qml API of 2.0.x ?

Thanks for your replies.
- Ben
(Points to code as a documentation is okay, i'm familiar with C++/Qt.)

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