tremolo, trill, Vibrato, arpeggio and pitch fluctuations.

• Dec 17, 2015 - 13:30

I need an option to remove fluctuations in timbre, pitch amplitude, phase or whatever causes my tuner to capture the fluctuations and nervously switch between displaying the actual note. When I play my violoncello I use musescore as a reference.

Range is about from C2 in scientific pitch notation,
about 65.40639 Hz to C8 approx. 4186.0090 Hz.

I need to adjust my ear and train on Pitch accuracy.

Esp. for the lower notes on the C2 G2 range I need to remove any tremolo, trill, Vibrato,
in order to hear the difference between what I (should) play and what muse score plays.

At least to manually adjust the desired level of tremolo, vibrato trills would be very useful.
I suggest between 0 and 100 %. 100 percent could be an arpeggio, which is an extreme form of pitch fluctuation. Jumping back and forth between adjacent notes. Synthesizer has a modulation wheel for this purpose. Certainly beautiful, but not always for learning purposes.

If there is an easy way to resolve this I would be thankful. The sound is beautiful and realistic as it is, but my Chromatic tuner Boss TU-3 flips between notes and disturbs more than it helps. One instrument class
producing pure sines would probably help. I still use muse score version 1.2 on windows.



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