You know it's Christmas time when you hear this!!!!

• Dec 19, 2015 - 00:38

I thought about arranging this piece to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Yes, this piece is first heard at least by me in "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Well, enjoy. It is only the first part though since I could only hear the first part of the Charlie Brown theme. (Linus and Lucy). I do plan to make the full version later though. I did this arrangement entirely by ear. It is hard to arrange jazz pieces by ear though.

Merry Christmas again.


In reply to by Elwin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and thanks for this. The key causes some trouble for me to read. In bar 9 the actual chord would be Cb, not B, according to tonality. Sometimes one just switches to a simpler enharmonic equivalent. Like Beethoven does, moving from Db major to Db minor and further to Fb major, at which point he chooses to notate it in E major instead. But in your 9th bar you have the left hand in B major and right hand in Cb major (except for the B note).
I thought of showing this note to my son, who is fond of Peanuts and plays the piano. But I might transpose it to A major, though Ab major sounds better and might be the original key. A major makes the 9th bar thing easy. Everything just goes to C major.

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