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• Jan 7, 2016 - 21:18

I have been a member of MuseScore for, according to the site, 15 weeks and 1 day. I have just reached 50 followers, and I feel very proud of myself. I know that 50 is not a lot, and most definitely a small number compared to those like MollyMawk, TehDoctorr, wind.e, Tribune Diablo, Ferry, and other such MuseScorers (is that even a thing?). But I am glad to have reached this number. I would like to get your general opinions on a couple of things:

  1. What is the average rate of gaining followers on this site?
  2. Does MuseScore provide statistics other than the ones I see on my dashboard? If so, where can I find them?
  3. What kind of music gets the most views?
  4. How should I be building my fanbase? (How can I gain more followers?)
  5. Is participating in group competitions (on MuseScore) a good idea?
  6. Would all of you who are loyal enough to read this far please follow me right this second? :D
  7. What is the difference between "transcriptions" and "arrangements"?
  8. Composing tips? (If you don't have any specific ones, where can I get some adequate advice?)

Okay, I'm done. I would like some opinions from some more "professional" opinions on this, such as the above examples, and these guys as well:

Bejamin Davidson
Bomb and Kou

And more dudes I can't think of off the top of my head.


Although I did say I would like professional opinions, I am completely open to anyone's suggestions, and it was not my intention to discriminate against or offend anyone.

For 1 to 6., it would be better answered in one of the Groups on This forum is mainly about the MuseScore software, its usage, support and bugs.

7. I'm not a native speaker but to me a transcription is a sheet music trying to be as close as possible to the original performance (like a transcription of a Miles Davis' solo). An arrangement is a sheet music based on a tune but with a different orchestration (like "Goldberg Variations for Strings" is an arrangement)

8. Again there are composers groups on where you will probably get more tips. The guys you mentioned are not active on this forum but probably active in some group on

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Okay. Thanks a lot. :D What groups do you recommend? Also, what language are you native to? I take seventh grade advanced Spanish (which means I'm okay, but most definitely not fluent), and I would love to talk to someone who is native to the language. My teacher is really good, but you can't beat a native speaker. :D

1. The average rate is different depending on type of music and how well known you are
2. Click the bar graph
3. Darude Sandstorm (or other popular songs)
4. Be nice to everyone. even the haters
5. yes. great way for exposure.
6. already did a long time ago
7. Transcription is more like a Copy and Arrangement has some (originality?) (i think)
8. Write down EVERY idea you have. (i always have 1 or 2 blank score sheets with me)

OK, first off, JESUS CHRIST! You've followed over 2,000 people. It's nice to know that there are still open-armed people in the world, who will accept anyone no matter how bad or stupid some people can be, so be proud of yourself, there.

As for popularity tips, I'll answer all these questions in the same order you asked them:

1. I hate to give the average response "It depends", but it really does. Usually it depends on how often you post music, how popular the topic of the music is (For example, "Smash" is a pretty popular search topic, so generally music related to that topic is viewed more often), and how GOOD the music is. How good music is is completely subjective to the person viewing it, so you can't really force someone to like it. I've found that posting music early or before it's finished and updating it over time generates more views quickly. Many of my scores have gone and still are going through that stage, and it seems to build up hype for your music. I've had many comments along the lines of "Nice! Keep it up! Can't wait for the finished product!" or "Hurry up and finish this, before I start having withdraw symptoms!". If you update them as you go, like once-a-day as you progress, they'll generate extra views. Also, Update them as MuseScore, itself updates. This makes sure the sound of the music keeps more "in line with the times". Many of my scores have gone from the original MuseScore to the current sound and it definitely shows over time. This is ending up longer than I anticipated, but there's really no secret. I went from over 300 to over 600 followers in like 6 months, so all I can say is... wait.

2. It's pretty dumb, in my opinion, but the only statistics you see in musescore are:
-a- The Statistic graph, which you can only access through pro membership, which is the only real bummer to non-pro members. This only shows your views, plays, and downloads on your scores.
-b- Your Followers, and people YOU follow... I think there should be a page listing your rank among users or who the most popular users are at least, because there ARE people who care about that, and exposure is a good thing, as I've gotten quite a few requests from band directors to play some of my arrangements.

3. Popular Searches. It all depends on what people like. Generally, you'd get more views/favorites on arrangements that relate to more popular searches. On the contrary, though, you'd actually get more well-composed comments and favorites on music that isn't so popular. My most popular music does have a lot of comments, but most of them are very short, one-liner comments. The more deep, well-thought, and critical comments usually happen on my less popular music. Not that you shouldn't put you focus on all your music, but I believe that the more time and effort you invest on the less popular music, the more Followers you'll get. In my opinion, there is a difference between Followers and Fans. Fans listen to your music because the search topic is popular. Followers listen to your music because they like the way YOU make the music, so the followers are the ones that make the deeper comments.

4. If you want "FANS", make popular music. If you want "FOLLOWERS", invest more time and effort into your lesser-known music than the popular music.

5. They happen infrequently, and if you don't pay attention, you'll probably miss them. Just post the music in the group. You might want to sometimes "REFRESH" the score to the group. What I mean by this is to remove it from the group, and then put it back in. It will put the score back on the front page of the group, so people will see it again, since groups only show the 5 most recently added scores at a time.

6. I know I praised you for following practically everybody, before. I'll do it, but I usually only follow people whose music I like. So if your music is good, I'll definitely follow. But I usually un-follow users who are very inactive over a period of time. Also, I barely use the site other than to post the music, so if I follow somebody, that means I stumbled upon their music and REALLY liked it.

7. Transcription: Pretty much an exact replica with the same instruments, tempo, composition, but made just so that people could download the sheet music.
Arrangement: Striving for Originality. From changing up the instruments, to adding in extra notes, measures, or licks to make the score sound more to your liking.
In short, Transcription is a COVER, and an arrangement is a REMIX

8. "Striving for Originality" -Nathaniel Bandy
You don't really have to make completely original music to make something original. Just spend extra special time on the less-popular music to get "Critical Acclaim". You can spend extra special time on the popular music, too, but it's already going to get popular just by the fact that it's popular music, so that's all I really have to say about that.

Hopefully this answered some of your questions.

What I've found is that, sure, individual users can have popularity, but also your individual scores can have varying popularity. For instance, some of my scores have only 20 views, whereas my Thor the Dark world arrangement is at the very top when you search "Thor the Dark world" and has over 700 views.

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