Playback won't work

• Jan 8, 2016 - 03:11

I downloaded musescore a few days ago. I soon began typing in notes. I exited the program multiple times, moved the folder, etc. and when I pressed play, I could still hear the song. Last night I listened to it one last time then exited the program and turned off my computer. When I went back on today I was excited to get back to work and clicked play to hear where I was at. The blue thing that highlights the notes as they play was going and it looked like it was all in order but there was no sound. I turned up my volume, checked the settings on my computer and even stuck my ear up to the speakers: no sound. I can hear music from iTunes so its not my computer's fault. I began to look up ways to fix this problem. Many other people had encountered it. I did things like reset my computer, restart the program using terminal, checked that I /O thing none of it worked. I'm really frustrated because I wanted to continue working but now I'm stuck just trying to figure out what went wrong. If anyone has any more options I can try please help me. Thanks so much.


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Open the synthesizer via menu item: View -> Synthesizer.
Do you see FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 listed as the soundfont?
If yes, drag the volume slider up.



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