FluidR3Mono changes 2016

• Jan 18, 2016 - 13:41

Shortly after MuseScore 2 was released there were a series of complaints in the Forums about too much reverb on the Strings presets.

Whilst fixing a recently reported range problem I finally pinpointed the reason for this - there is a significant change to the release stage of the amplitude envelope which results in notes carrying on after the note has finished.

Whilst this adds to the reality of the strings when they are playing long chords as in most popular music situations, it leads to smearing of the sound when used for rapid passages such as those found in Vivaldi, Bach and other baroque composers.

I have therefore added a dryer strings preset (called Dry Strings) at Program #48 Bank #1

FluidR3Mono version 2.02 can be downloaded from the new permanent link to be found in this thread.......

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