How to delete scores on the Musescore program NOT the website.

• Jan 22, 2016 - 23:29

Hello, I need help with deleting the score that is on the Musescore program itself, not the website. Please Help.


Um, go to start, access documents, then find the "MuseScore" folder, then double click on it. You should be redirected to a series of folders. Find the one that says "Scores". There, you should see the list of all scores you have created. Find the one that you don't like, and then hit delete. It's that simple.

Can you explain in detail? Like where these things are that I need to click. Sorry, I'm still new to Musescore.

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1) Look at your desk top.
2) Go to the bottom left corner. There should be a start button there, click it.
3) A menu should pop up. Click "Computer"
4) Another menu should appear. Find the "documents" button, and click it. (it might be on the side bar)
5) A list of regular documents should show. Find the Folder labeled "Musescore 2" (or musescore 1 depending on what version you use). Double click it.
6) You should see 6 folders, labels include, sound fonts, templates, scores, etc. Find the one that says "scores". Double click on it.
7) You should see a list of all the scores you've ever worked on in the program. Find the ones that you do not like, click on them once, and then hit the delete key.

This was not really something that happened in the program, but rather something that happened in your computer's storage. That's as detailed as I can get it.

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