Performance Features: Adjusting Page turner, Flashing notes or moving bar, Soloist parts

• Feb 9, 2009 - 11:34

Features to:

1. Adjust the timing of turning the page during playback (essential for performers playing along with MuseScore who need to turn the page sooner to keep up with the music).

2. Adjust the synchonization of the flashing notes (and/or the moving bar) during playback so that a performer can feel more in sync with the music. For example, can we change the moving bar to move to each beat rather than to each note? Or, it appears to me that the notes sound sooner than when they flash, can one adjust the timing of the flashing of the notes to the playing of the notes?

3. Display certain parts only, but still allow all the parts to play. Right now, one can create parts, but only those parts play, not the other parts. For soloists, it'd nice to see just our parts, but also hear all the other parts.

Thank you.


as related to number 3.
There is a good possibility that what you are referring to is a problem with your particular setup.

Are you running the windows version of MuseScore?
If you go into Preferences -> I/O, does your soundfont say piano.sf2?

If both of these are true you need a new soundfont because the piano.sf2 will only play one line at a time. Search your computer for *.sf2 or refer to the handbook for instructions in obtaining a new soundfont.

Also parts can be isolated in the Mixer Settings. I use this often in rehearsal with my a cappella group, it works well.

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Thank you for your response.

The feature I am referring to is to isolate a part *visually*, but still have all or some of the other parts heard *audially*. The "create parts" command achieves the former but not the latter, while the "mixer" achieves the latter but not the former. The soundfonts, which I have (merlin), do not resolve this issue.

This is a remarkable freeware and am glad that there is a great community of users.

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