Muse Score Sheets Songbook on my Samsung i pad.

• Jan 29, 2016 - 10:19

Dear Thomas,

You've given me some time ago written on using Muse Score Sheets Songbook on my Samsung i pad. I use the sheets every day while studying and performing Viola da Gamba parties. You wrote me that in mid-February 2016 and would be made again to the program. I have no idea what aspects of the program to be addressed, that is why I will send you a list of the points I would like to see realized. Do not consider this as a means of pressure or anything, but every day I walk can be built possibly in the program counter functions and make the program more user-friendly.
During the first practice and rehearsals, make notes or notes in the stave. If memory support how to play something. Or conductor clues
2 Fingering above to insert the notes and change
3 numbering or alphabetize my own sheet under the heading "My music" on my ipad In the same way as My Songbook now already does.
4 divide the different items in my song book groups. I play in several ensembles and with colleagues and it would be very convenient to divide the different pieces of music in my Song Book by ensemble or groups. You have it all at once you play music together with the corresponding music.

If the various adjustments that you intend possibly could look or realize my wishes would I particularly appreciate.


Fred Paul Vogel

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