.smp File Export Function

• Mar 5, 2011 - 21:02

Can you please add a .smp (Finale File) export function for MuseScore? I need to import something on a program called SmartMusic and it only takes .smp files.




Are you referering to this program? http://www.smartmusic.com

The Finale file format is a proprietary format and is most likely not documented. That is why the MusicXML format is so popular as an interchange format. I looked at the web site to see if MusicXML can be imported but I didnt see it.

I thought Musescore could do a lot of the functionality anway to play the music while a musician plays along?


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I use SmartMusic for assessing my playing, and it gives you a grade based on correct notes and timing. I exported it as an MusicXML format and re-exported it out as a .smp file, so all's good.

It turns out .smp is SmartMusic's own filetype and only Finale can export it to that format.

Thanks for your help!


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