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• Mar 12, 2011 - 16:31

i have a melody that i am having trouble harmonizing. i got it harmonized, but it didn't feel the same way it felt when it was melody by itself. maybe you can give me ideas or even throw down some chords and let me hear where you're coming from.

thanks in advance.

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i like some of the choices you made. i'll need a few days to evaluate your harmony fully, playing w what you've done and listening to the harmony you've come up with. so i'll get back to you on this, that's what i'm saying.

listening to the melody without the harmony again, i am struck by the sadness at the end of it. i picture this maybe in a monastery, with one of the monks playing this when it's time to pray and contemplate, say maybe after they've had lunch and sat around talking for a while. don't know how to explain the sadness. maybe i don't need to know. maybe they are contemplating something sad, like the way things are in this world or the sadness of christ's death and the awful hurt mary must have felt. i don't know. i'm stabbing into the dark here.

so thank you for accompanying my melody. i hope you see many fruitful days of music breakthroughs. in fact i pray that for you.

be well.

p.s.a. i've attached a harmonization that is mostly be parallel 5ths. i stole a chord or two from rokr's critique of my piece. so thanks, man!

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ok, here's a little something. i made three takes for the opening 2 bars of "the call..." i also re-posted rokr258's harmony. i owe him (or her) for pointing out i played with the tonality by sometimes having the b natural and sometimes having it flat. really i just wrote whatever i thought was sounding good at the time. i didn't notice it, but now that he called attention to it, i can see what i can do to exploit it.

many happy returns, as they say.

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