Tempos in order from slowest to fastest

• Mar 21, 2011 - 09:33

On the Tempo Text pallet, the tempos are (generally) in alphabetical order, but I’m not that familiar with all of the tempo names; it would be nice if I had the option to re-order them from slowest to fastest so I could more easily find the right tempo option.


Although it is possible to sort the tempo names in order of speed, there is a certain amount of variation in tempo based on the interpretation of the piece. There is also the issue of using English terms, Italian, French and German.

I notice when you click on the term there is a tempo value of beats per minute, and you can adjust it for MIDI playback.

Grave - Very Slow
Largo, Lento - Slow
Larghetto - A little faster than Largo
Adagio - Moderately Slow
Andante - "Walking" Tempo
Andantino - A little faster than Andante
Allegretto - A little slower than Allegro
Allegro - Fast
Vivace - Lively
Presto - Very Fast
Prestissimo - Very Very Fast
Moderato - Moderate(ly)
Molto - Very

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I think it would be a good idea if the list was made editable, there are a lot of terms in there I don't use (I stick to the Italian), or sometimes I "make up my own" English or Croatian terms based on a more descriptive way to explain the tempo (I have a small audience)... could the tempo terms be separated out into an xml file so that those of us who like to play with it can?

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You can edit the tempo name now once it's on the paper. Put the tempo on the page in the correct place, then double click it. The text will become editable, and you can type what you want. I'm doing a jazz band piece, and I put in the "Moderato" tempo, then changed the text to read "Moderate Funk." FYI, you can also right-click on the tempo, select "Tempo Properties," and change the speed to exactly what you want for playback.

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