March for a wind band

• Mar 30, 2011 - 13:56

This is a march I'm working on. I'm trying to figure out a convenient way to be able to write all parts of say the trumpets on one staff, then later on explode it into a full score with one part on each staff. Don't know how that will work.
The composition itself is far from complete. It has only an intro and part A. And 2nd and 3rd instrument parts are missing. And the drumm track is a bit messy. Can't find all instruments I'd need for it.

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This is in no means meant for any musical, but I do recognise the "musical" style myself. The main theme came to me some years ago and I didn't know what to do with it. At that point my first thoughts were that id would suit for some opening scenes for a musical. And I also know why. It has this Lydian tonality. The 2nd bar of the main theme. The main key is F major, but we have the G major chord there. It is commonly used in opening numbers in musicals and Disney movies. It gives an air of waiting for adventures to start.
But then I found a bit different use for the theme. The idea of a march pushed through. And my home town is a bit short on marches. We have some beautiful 18th century fortresses here and I've decided to dedicate some compositions for them.

Svartholm is the sea fortress on a small island just outside our town.
Ungern and Rosen are two bastions at the East end of the town.

My composition for Ungern and Rosen turned out to be something else than a march. I might upload it when I have it ready.

This is a fun, quirky little march. If I were still a school band director, I might want to play this with my kids. If the rest is as good, you should submit it for publication.

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I've thought of transporting the work to either Sibelius or Encore, but I seem to all the time return to MuseScore. It's easy and fast whereas Sibelius is very clumsy and encore is very outdated. I updated to the latest Encore just because it supported music-XML, both import and export. I got hundreds of pieces written with Encore and every time I need anything of it, I'm able to transport it through XML to MuseScore. Where was I? Oh yes:

Svartholm (1.1 MB mp3)

I know I could get snare drum rolls from Sibelius, something that this composition really needs. If you hear stupid snare beats here and there, they are most probably meant as rolls. Somehow the wav export adds more reverb than what can be heard when I listen to the music in the editor.
And it's not really completed yet, I have to go through this and that in the parts. But the whole composition is there. The trio turned out to have a vague ABA' structure, with a small reminder from the beginning.

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Either I did it with Audacity and lame_enc.dll or with Windows sound recorder. The sound recorder actually does a good job with mp3, probably because MS paid the mp3 license to be allowed to create genuine mp3 files. lame_enc.mp3 is some peculiar reverse enginered hack which creates almost good mp3 files.

Of course I first exported the music from MuseScore to a wav file.

This is a really great piece you composed. I really like it! As for criticism, there doesn't seem to be anything to change! Great job with the march! This should really be in a movie.

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