19 TET Tuning

This is a plugin that allows you to tune your notes to 19 Tone Equal Temperament.
Because 19 TET works with 12 TET notation, you can input 12 TET notes and have them converted to 19 TET just fine (just note that the only enharmonics in 19 TET are E#/Fb and B#/Cb, and double sharps/flats work differently).
This is a direct modification of an old 31 TET playback plugin (lots of unnecessary code from 31 TET is still there that I don't want to touch!), see https://musescore.org/en/project/31-tet-retuning-plugin-musescore-2.
To use, highlight the notes you want tuned (or have no selection to select all notes in the score) and start the plugin.

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