Add integer notation (pitch class) or numbered notation (Jianpu)

IntegerNotation.qml (v0.3.0 2024-02)
Normal version: Add notation above or below staves, for entire score or selection.

IntegerNotationInside.qml (v0.2.0 2024-02)
Inside version: Add notation on noteheads and hide noteheads, for entire score.

The notation format can be 0~11 (pitch class) or 1~7 (Jianpu, with # and b). The reference note (the note corresponding to 0 or 1) is customizable.

Experimental, may have issues. Developed on MuseScore v4, may also work on v3.
试验用途,可能存在问题。开发版本为MuseScore v4,可能也适用于v3。

Screenshot | 截图

Normal version | 普通版

Inside version (stave lines hidden manually) | 内部版(手动隐藏了谱线)

Additional remark | 额外说明

On Insider version, to distinguish between quarter notes and half notes after noteheads are hidden, numbers on half notes are italicized.

To achieve a clean look on Inside Version, I recommend manually setting Lines = 1, Line distance >= 1.25 sp, turn off Show leger lines (Right click on a measure > Stave/Part properties > Advanced style properties). Additionally, reducing the width of stems to around 0.06 may help (Right click on stem > Select > Similar > Properties (main panel) > Show more).
为了让内部版更美观,推荐以下手动设置:谱线=1、谱线间距至少1.25、取消显示加线(右击小节 > 谱表/分谱属性 > 高级样式属性)。另外,将符干粗细减小到0.06左右可能也有帮助(右击符干 > 选择 > 相似内容 > 属性(主面板) > 显示更多)。

Normal version adds texts as "staff text" with subtype "User-12" and extra styles. Inside version adds texts as "fingering" with subtype "User-11" and extra styles. The subtype allows easy selection of all added texts (Right click on text > Select > More > Same subtype). Users can also change the subtype to customize styles.
普通版添加的文本为“谱表文本”,子类型为“用户-12”,并应用了额外的样式。内部版添加的文本为“指法”,子类型为“用户-11”,并应用了额外的样式。子类型可用来方便地选择所有添加的文本(右击文本 > 选择 > 更多 > 同一子类型)。用户也可以通过改变子类型来自定义样式。

Insider version hides noteheads by either (1) setting their colors to background color or (2) setting their visibility to false. Option 1 is recommended because the notes remain selectable, but the noteheads have tiny overlaps with stems. Option 2 doesn't have this overlap but the numbers on adjacent line and space overlap. Also the notes are not selectable unless "Show Invisible" is on (Click empty space on the score > Properties main panel).
内部版有两种方式隐藏符头:(1) 将颜色改为背景颜色 (2) 设为不可见。更推荐选项(1),因为音符仍可选中,但符头和符干有微小重叠。选项2不会出现这种重叠,但是相邻线和间上的数字会重叠。而且音符不可选中,除非打开了“不可见元素”(点击乐谱空白 > 属性主面板)。

Credit | 致谢

Notation Must Die: The Battle For How We Read Music - YouTube

Jianpu Numbered Notation - MuseScore Plugin

Element Analyser - MuseScore Plugin

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