Add solfa names as lyrics (movable Do; La or Do based minor; chromatic alteration)


Wow, you have a beautiful voice :)

  • This plugin adds sol-fa names using Lyrics text
  • Movable Do: Do = tonic (of relative Major)
  • La based minor: Do remains unchanged for modes, eg in A minor, A = La, C= Do
  • or Do based minor eg in A minor, A = Do, C= Me
  • Chromatic alteration eg Raised Sol = Si, based on wikipedia
  • leading note = Ti
  • Tweak to your liking by editing .qml , see screenshot below, eg edit solfa names; replace tpc1 with tpc2 to name written pitches for transposing instruments.


Download and Install: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Enable plugins you need and setup shortcut: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Note: Make sure the keyboard shortcut is not assigned in Preference>Shortcuts already.

Old versions

version 20230223B and earlier: use the first key signature at the first measure of the first staff.


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License and credits

MirBSD. Edit the code, have fun, no need to ask for permission. Glad to share a link to your improved plugin on this page, just let me know.
Adapted from Name notes version 1 by mirabilos , thank you, mirabilos is a long term supporter of open source software, see
Thanks humanuser55, elsewhere for suggestions.

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